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TA Tools and Programs
Bergin Partners provides their clients with an array of tools and programs designed to help improve and augment their recruiting capabilities. With many years experience managing large scale recruiting projects, we feel these offerings are best suited to help a client execute their TA process with a total commitment to quality and best practices. They include:

-Strategic Planning Session (SPS): The SPS is designed to help a recruiter gather all the necessary requirements of a newly opened requisition to better understand the recruiting assignment and to close the requisition faster. This interactive dialogue between a hiring manager and a recruiter provides for a partnership and/or ownership of the requisition and fosters a stronger relationship between the two parties. If done properly the SPS ensures a much smoother recruiting life cycle and helps to set and manage hiring expectations.

-Core Competencies: What makes-up the ideal medical device sales rep? What is the background, traits and characteristics of a successful rep? As a sales organization you need to know those things that make a great rep. You need to know the tangible and intangibles of the success matrix. Working closely with our clients we develop a “Candidate Profile” by doing extensive interviews of your top performers in the organization to create a performance benchmark. This program is designed to ascertain the drivers behind the critical success factors of successful sales reps. Once all key data points are realized we develop a candidate profile to help drive the search criteria.

- Applicant Assessment Tool (AAT): The AAT is a proven way to vet candidates to the requirements of the open requisition. This tool provides the focus on those hiring criteria that are tangible and intangible. Incorporating the client’s candidate profile, the AAT focuses on the candidate’s success in the field. It captures all the key historical information relative to a successful career in medical device sales.

-Search Engine Methodology: Bergin Partners Search Engine Methodology creates a customized approach and recruitment life cycle for companies struggling with a slow hiring cycle encumbered by “stops and starts” to their process. Incorporating critical success factors for the requisition process, it helps map-out a more expedient hiring solution.

- Talent Acquisition Practices Audit (TAPA): The TAPA is a tool designed to help a TA group realize their highest potential as a center of service within their respective organization. The TAPA identifies areas that need improvement by doing an audit of current TA SOP’s. The audit process uses real data to focus on key defects and flaws in an organization’s methodology.

-CALL CALL is a new service provided by Bergin Partners. This “medical device reps only” job board ensures that your job postings attract only those candidates that meet your hiring criteria. Using a built-in candidate filtering agent, the system weeds out the nonpursues and pulls in the desired candidate flow.
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